Friday, November 25, 2011

What to Bring

Warm and happy is the only way to enjoy your day skiing or snowboarding. A few simple things will help increase your comfort and maximize your time at Mount Peter. It may seem obvious but, it is winter and you’re playing in the snow. So…

Gloves or mittens and a hat or helmet are staple items. Unfortunately, the nice yarn mittens knitted by auntie are not the best for learning to ski or snowboard. Water resistant, nylon hand gear is best, keeping hands warm and dry. On colder days a “neck gaiter,” “balaclava” or “ski mask” covers most of the face and to keep you toasty.  

For parents who are not intending to ski or snowboard, we suggest you give it a try! But, if not, you should still dress for winter weather conditions. You may plan on watching from Sunrise Lodge, but you’ll likely spend a good deal of time outside talking to your kids, meeting them before/after lessons and helping them shuttle between lodges, meals, rentals and the car. Layered clothing and appropriate winter gear will help make YOU more comfortable (and happy).

If you end up at Mount Peter missing some piece of winter gear, stop by our retail shop Pete's Closet. We have a range of key items - from gloves and hats to lip balm and hand warmers - to help your day go smoothly. Now let’s go play!

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